Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

Alright, well, I've been slacking lately. After the chaos of at least attempting to write daily during Script Frenzy, I needed a writing hiatus, and my poor fanfic readers are the ones to suffer. I promised to give you guys the next chapter of "What is Truly Meant to Be" this month, and I had every intention of doing so towards the beginning of the month. However, here we are past the 1/2 way mark and no chapter. So sorry guys! =_='

When I threw in the towel early on April 30th I picked up the next book in the Percy Jackson series, and I just could not put it down! Three days later that was done! I still couldn't get inspired to write the next chapter, and so my next distraction was Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for my Nintendo DS. I played that for a little over a week.

Now that I'm done with the book and the game I'm finally getting around to working on my chapter! YAY! I wrote maybe four pages yesterday before going to work. I was going to continue writing when I came home, but I was distracted by a new Hey Arnold forum that I just joined. I stayed up until about 2am reading all of the posts already up. I didn't even get through 1/2 of them. I went to read more of them today and after about four hours I finally managed to pull myself away so I could write this post and then get back to writing.

I'm both inspired and not when it comes to this chapter. I'm not sure it will turn out too well because of my seemed lack of interest. I had the same problem with my second chapter "Goodbye to You".

I'm still trying to figure out the difference between Arnold's love for Helga and *SPOILER* love for her. They both love her greatly, but differently, and in the end it's that difference that helps Helga make up her mind.... *sigh*

Oh, one more quick thing about the script. ChibiSunnie and I have been working more and more on Acts II and III and so there is more progress there. Now if only I can get the same amount of progress when it comes to my fanfic!

Not much more to update right now, but know that I'm back to writing... slowly but surely....

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