Thursday, June 9, 2011

Slacker McSlackson is Slacking Off!

Boy have I been slacking again. Well, after a few days of pulling my hair out I finally finished my next chapter. It was a bit of a squeeze, but I managed to get it up on on May 31st. Still feel bad that it kept me two full months to give my readers another chapter. Especially since it was the shortest one I've written. I also don't think it was all that great..... :-/

It got a lot more reviews than the last chapter however. And they were all positive reviews too, so I didn't go through the "writer's funk" that I did the last time. Funny, a chapter I felt was crappy seemed to impress at least a little. *shrug* I guess I'm a lot harder on myself than I thought. I am starting to convert hard-core ArnoldxHelga shippers in to *Spoiler*. I'm both super excited that I write the love triangle so well as to convert these shippers so easily, but also a little fearful to bring it all full-circle and return to the ArnoldxHelga ship! At this rate I might keep Helga with her new beau, but it just doesn't feel right to do so. At the same time, I'm going to be hard-pressed to prove to everyone that Arnold does deserve to still win Helga's love.... GAAAH! What did I do!?

June 1st my stories had 72 visitors, but 210 hits! Before that the most I had was 73 visitors and 177 hits on April 2nd, right after I posted my last chapter before my Script Frenzy hiatus. Other major days include 62 visitors and 115 hits on Oct 26th when I posted my second chapter "Goodbye to You". Then on Feb 28th I had 65 visitors and 112 hits for the posting of my second chapter of my Valentine's Day story. Finally, there's the 155 hits and 60 visitors for my "I Will Always Love You" chapter posted on March 9th. Either way, my return from my hiatus was met with a large crowd and I thank them all!

I also picked up a few new readers this time around, so I'm super excited about that! Thank you to all my new readers! YAY!

Some of my new readers are from that Hey Arnold forum I spoke of last post. *Waves* Hey guys!!! Thank you for supporting me! We really are like a nice little online family, aren't we!? Loves!

And it's that warm, fuzzy, welcoming feeling I get from the forum that is my downfall. Instead of writing the next chapter of my story - which I've had more-or-less planned out since November - I have been lurking on the forum just waiting for someone to post something so I can comment back... *sigh*

Also, while working some more on Acts 2 and 3 of The Jungle Movie my partner ChibiSunnie brought up InuYasha: Final Act. InuYasha used to be my favorite anime and so, now that I was reminded that the TRUE last season of the show was up online I HAD to go watch it! 26 episodes, 3 days, emotional rollercoaster, and now InuYasha withdrawal!!! Must. Not. Search. For InuYasha. Fanfiction!

I also finally got around to finding and purchasing the next two volumes of Fruits Basket after two years, and so I was hooked on reading them. Only three more volumes to go before I'm done with that series. Will I go through withdrawal like I am with InuYasha?

My fiance is also reminding me nearly daily that I still have the 4th Percy Jackson story to read. However, he told me the story ends in an epic cliffhanger and he still has the 5th book with him - four hours away. I'm trying really hard to wait until the last minute to read that book so that I can go straight in to the 5th one when I visit him at the end of the month. Will I go through Percy Jackson withdrawal as well!?

Then, while writing a post for the forum I discovered that a webcomic I once enjoyed was back from it's multi-year hiatus. I had to go back to reading it, however I couldn't quite remember where we left off and so I had to read the old comics first to remind myself.

Reading webcomics then gave me the urge to start working on my own again, and so at least one night was wasted with that. It probably would have been more, but I only have Photoshop on my desktop and my desk itself is such a mess it's hard for me to get to the computer.

Then there's the search for the last wedding vendor I need: The florist. I also have to finish collecting addresses of everyone from my fiance's side of the wedding guestlist so we can FINALLY send out the invitations. I'm also starting to work on smaller details, like the center pieces and favors.

All these distractions are keeping me from writing. They're also keeping me from cleaning and it's a perilous path to go from my bed to my bedroom door. I REALLY need to organize!

I honestly don't foresee myself working on another chapter any time soon, but I still wanted to give everyone an update on where I am.